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The Elysian Fields

I used to have the full details in my (as of this writing, and most likely perpetually) out-of-date "Unauthorized, Impartial, and Incomplete Autobiography", entitled "Who am I?", but I no longer use the site where that lived. Maybe I'll grab pieces of it and put it here.

Some day. (Years out, and I haven't done this, so it's not very likely! The About... page on EverettAWarren.com is where the latest, greatest, etceteraist bio can be found!)

Since this has served the purpose several times since... thus, lo: a short bio:

I write; mostly poetry, some short fiction, the latter of which is almost always fantasy, although it is sometimes seasoned with a dash of Lovecraftian horror.

I'm a musician, a guitar god long since fallen - dropping from 14 hours of practice a day to 14 hours a year will do that to you, though.

I'm the father of three, who currently cover the young adult to kid age range.

I used to create software for the administrative needs for K-12 schools. Then I used to create habitat for people and wildlife with Green Man Enviroscaping LLC.

Now, I alternate between trying to find the next thing to do and trying to get on as best as I can until I do. I'm offering a variety of creative business services in the mean time, and I'm putting some effort (finally! some may say) into seriously seeking publication of my writing.

I highly value all friends - in light of several events, even more so; even long distance internet relationships, which some seem to disregard. It has been brought to my attention that I don't have a posted friends policy, so here it is: I don't really have one. If you like what you read, friend me; I'll friend you back. I don't comment as much as I'd like to, but I do try to make sure I read every post on my friends list.

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Poetry from the Porch Period, a collection of poetry,
and Cautionary Fables: Warts & All, a collection of short fiction,
are available in my Lulu Store.

What's a Little Fungus Among Us?

What's a Little Fungus Among Us?
Photography by Everett A Warren
Book Preview

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If you're so inclined, here are some lists for the rest of the family:

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