ellyssian (ellyssian) wrote,

GME Feeds...

Did you know...

... that there's a feed on DreamWidth for GreenManEnvy?

... that there's also one on LiveJournal?

The one on DW looks purtier in the whole (at the above links), but they look pretty much the same when you view them on your reading page/friends page.

Also, the one thing LJ seems to do better than DW is handle the share. I've been trickling down posts from DW -> LJ -> FB, but DW's share feature just opens up a dialog to email the post to someone, while LJ's allows me to share to my blog, making it look pretty much like I want it to, with very little effort. Unfortunately, DW's feed got updated right away, while LJ's takes a while. Might just have been the timing of the post, and they both might only update every 12 or 24 hours or something. To avoid duplication of posts on FB (i.e. I post it, then DW -> LJ -> FB cascades down), I'm going to just do the share on LJ -> FB of the poems.

Also also, if you have mythic/natural type content you'd like to promote or share, let me know; I want GreenManEnvy to host the works of others, to the point that I'd love to have a post of my content be a rare event. I'm not opposed to hosting interviews or reviews of music, books, or art that hits on the focus of GreenManEnvy, and excerpts or entire (short) works (such as poems) would also be very welcome.

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