March 27th, 2006


Love Eternal: A Soliloquy

Love Eternal
A Soliloquy

by Everett A Warren

An excerpt

You wish to hear my tale at this late hour? None choose my presence to bear alone during the depths of hideous sunlit day, and the sun has now been mercifully absent for some time.

You are brave.

Brave, or foolish.

Ah, but then you will take my tale and speak of it to those who are afraid of me. And it will be told again and again, perhaps the 'you' I speak to is not the one before me in my sitting room, but another, far flung down the lanes of Time, removed from the memory of what I am and who I am.

Reading the words I speak to so diligent an interviewer, that it might appear as if I am speaking transparently across the ages.

Yes, that would be fitting.

Am I so awful, I ask? Across the gulfs of space and time the reader wonders, as yet uninformed of my character and peculiar circumstances. If any answer rattles about in the mind of my inquisitive friend it shall not be spoken now, nor related with this account, for such would render this a work of opinion, not fact.

Fact as far as I care to see, within the bounds of my personal conviction.

Fact it is, beyond the feeble truths Mankind exposes.

Fact in deed.

Then who am I?

Excellent question, as I truly would enjoy discovering the answer. But can any save the fool believe they know themselves beyond superficial enclosures? For how can one know thyself, except through past experiences, and how can one know what the future may or may not bring, or what their purpose is in that unclear time to come?

Then I know my past.

It is long.

Copyright (c) 1992 Everett A Warren

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