February 19th, 2006


Sunday Morning Updatia

Had what could have been an enjoyable breakfast this morning. I wanted to do pancakes, but didn't have a mix or ingredients to make them from scratch; would have liked to have some of the coffee cake Deb had made earlier in the week (last weekend?,) but she said she was going to toss it because it sat around (turns out she didn't, Justin just had some a little bit ago :: kicks self for not looking harder :: ) so we wound up having cheap frozen and freezer-burned awffles (no type - correct spelling for the hideous things.) They might have been improved, but we ran out of syrup quickly, so they were left relatively dry. Cooked up some Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage - not bad, although more maple syrup would have made them better; just don't expect pork sausage texture/flavor and they're good; also, don't expect them to cook like pork: not enough fat, so when the water evaporates, they stick like sticky things, even in a non-stick pan. Best part of the meal was the rooibos I brewed up in the teapot my parents gave us for our anniversary. Tasted great with a little bit o' sugar.

My weight actually bounced up for the first time since I started measuring - up 0.6 pounds. I expected it to fluctuate a lot more, especially after the second measurement showed a four pound loss overnight. Since then, it's dropped a pound with both of the other morning weigh-ins. Still don't trust the scale as an accurate device, and if it is that's going to make it so much harder to control weight loss to 1-2 pounds a week, especially when considering 5.4 pounds lost in less than a week with absolutely no attempt to change any aspect of physical activity (can't really count the two workouts - they were stretching-only due to the asthma) or diet!
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On Artificial Intelligence and Machine Men : Part One

On Artificial Intelligence and Machine Men
By Everett A Warren
March 14, 2004

Presented as part one of sixteen

[Edited to add: the entirety of this article can now be read in one place, over on Green Man Envy: here! The links referenced in the essay were surprisingly intact given almost a decade has passed since this was posted... there are some dead ones, and they're fixed over on GME!]

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Reference Links

1. Neville Holmes – Artificial Intelligence: Arrogance or Ignorance? – IEEE Computer Magazine – November 2003 (Vol. 36 No. 11) – pp. 120, 118-119 – The Profession


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Stuffed Shells!

Yum! Almost ready!

Oh, and Deb is singing nursery rhymes to Brandon in different voices - such as operatic, mouse, and monster-pirate (Twinkle, twinkle, little starrrrr, how I wonder what you arrrrrrrrrrrrr!.)