February 9th, 2006


Pop goes the Ear

Not quite as much as that first Saturday when the infection hit and seemed to go rapidly through all stages, only to finally linger on as stuffiness that seemed to fade but still leave total hearing loss. That first Saturday, it sounded like I was standing across the Charles watching the Fourth of July fireworks - could be I got that impression because I was driving along that area to get into MIT Medical when they were doing their fireworks.

I can hear significantly better - still muffled, but it shows progress. I can now hear my fingers tapping together an inch or so from the ear. Haven't tried the headphones - meetings all morning - but I expect that will be better. Probably will still only use the right side for the rest of this week, to reduce stress and keep bugs off the headphones themselves.

To the blonde in the little red sports car on the commute this morning: I thank you humbly for your interest in my backside, but, sadly, your attention was unwanted. Thought you were going to bump into me on occassion, which seemed awfully forward of you, given that we hadn't even been formally introduced. Then again, judging by your wanton behavior, I expect you show the same attention to all the other boys and girls, too. Sometimes distance can help build a stronger relationship, you know. Public health authorities recommend one car length for every ten miles an hour, in other words and regarding our brief association, about five times further away than you seem to prefer. Best of luck in future relationships, as I fear sooner or later you'll take out an innocent person, or at least destroy their property, when you - quite literally - crash and burn.
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Self-Serving Congress?

US Congress staff altering Wikipedia entries to make senators look better - or worse

Wow. I am surprised and shocked that people we elect might hire people who would do something like that - from changing "liberal" to "activist", removing voting records that show which side your own, to removing campaign promises that haven't been met. Seriously, "business as usual" should not be acceptable when it comes to such things. Honor and integrity are qualities that the senators - and their staff - should possess without needing to have it edited in by a well-meaning or poorly directed flunkie.

I didn't look further, but it is interesting to see how I discovered this article on a UK source.
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Talking to Myself

Forgot to mention in the earlier post, when my ear was clearing on the ride in this morning I had to check how things were going, and the monologue went something like this:

"Testing, testing... 1, 2... 1, 2, 3... hey, hey yeh. Test, test. Can I have a little more treble in the left monitor... testing, test, test..."

In other news, Brandon is flipping the back cushions off the couch - Rachel showed him the trick (which was wear Deb used to hide the remotes - nowhere safe now!)

Rachel wants to sign up for softball - apparently, girls are only allowed to play softball in these here realms; baseball is only for boys.

Pieces of Me: Pianists

Why are pianists included in an animal piece?
Because, like peacocks, they often look better than they sound;
Because, like hermit crabs, they'd really rather play by themselves;
And because, like snakes, they depend on scales to get around.
Camille Saint-Saëns - Carnival of the Animals;
Pianists - alternate text and title by Peter Schickele

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